Life is Like a Box of Kibble

This could be a wonderful sentiment for this dog, but only on a few conditions. You're not referring to a movie that I never saw. You are referring to the many enjoyable things a dog can love that comes in a box, like a new squeaky toy. You are not referring to the man in brown, who comes to the door, grrrrr to deliver boxes with that smiley face on them.

Instead of all that, this saying would have a lot of meaning if..

IMG_6556 box you meant, a pile of fresh dirt over a rodent hole. AND

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Riding in Cars with Dogs

My dog advice this summer. Here in my city, the summers are cool. We get afternoon winds, mild marine layers and San Francisco is often about 60 degrees in July. However just drive a few miles north, south or east and summer temps climb quickly, reaching 100 degrees within 20-30 miles. Wherever you live, when you drive with your pooch please consider their comfort and safety. We already are warmer on the inside than people, it doesn't take much for us to overheat, maybe worse.


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