Pet Obesity - How I Keep My Trim Figure

Obesity in pets is a real problem. Often when a mom brings home a new baby, the pet gets fat according to this New Baby Means Fat Pet story on This city dog (me!) had a few months there (okay, six) where I was on the heavy side (ten extra LBs), but fortunately I responded quickly to a change in diet and exercise.

How did I do it? 


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Dog Days of Summer - Grouchy Puppy Style

When I first read about the dog days of summer, it made me mad. Muggy? Me? I'm a German Shepherd-Husky dog, I'm the opposite of muggy. I stop muggers!

However when I read that a big dog is the brightest of the stars in the summer night sky, then I was Sirius -ly happy.

Do you think if I win Funniest Blog or Blogger, I could get them to rename Sirius, the dog *super* star? BOL


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