Older dogs find pleasure in the simple things

This is my happy dog face.

Older dogs may not be able to chase birds at the beach anymore. Napping may be a higher priority than digging in the garden for an old bone. Chilling out at home is more fun than long road trips.

Pleasure can be simply catching some new and savory smells from a neighbor's grill...like I am right now. Click and watch five seconds of how a senior dog rolls...

As an older dog, I love hanging out with my family more than ever!

Indoor exercises perfect for winter

Why am I sharing this video of a silly basset hound? Because he is a big old baby (also known as B.O.B.) and sort of makes faces like me. Also to embarrass my female for making me do these "exercises" too...grrrrrrr though I do like when she tickles me and pets my face like this.