Doggie Delight Video

I was off visiting a friend not long ago and had to spend a little time alone. Here is how I reacted when this member of Team Cleo returned. Even she couldn't help but laugh at my antics! What a relief because that digging is so FUN, not to mention the racing through all of her shrubs then digging some more on her lawn. It's a crazy loop of excitement!


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Artist Loves Dog - BZTAT declares love for me!

While my female was at BlogPaws West, besides talking with pet bloggers she actually spent time thinking about me. Color this dog surprised!

Yes, I assumed she was all sorts of busy enjoying her time away from this grouchy puppy. Having a peaceful, uninterrupted glass of wine, sans pushy pointy German Shepherd nose.  Enjoying a non-barking uninterrupted conversation with @HoustonDogBlog.

In reality, she missed me and while she was "networking" with @BrewskieButt's mom (Hi Vicki!), they both took a moment and @BZTAT lovingly declared on camera her love for me! Yes, me! ME!!! Sorry for the excited all caps but I totally adore non-relatives who without payment, declare a love or even weak affection for me. A known furry and somewhat grouchy, certainly petulant, now senior grrl.

Grouchy Puppy Homage Gifted Friends of Mine


Did I ever show you this cool gift that my other female made for me? She MADE it from scratch, the glass and everything! I love it. I sniff the newspaper, eat out of the dish, see myself as a cute puppy, love love bones and like to wee on hydrants during my wanna go for walks. Yep, she knows me pretty well.