Dogs inspire songs

Have you ever lost a beloved canine friend? Now that I am an older dog, my pack is very sensitive to this subject of loss and love. They love me very much. Sometimes I catch them staring at me, when they think I'm napping.

With my female writing for LIFE+DOG and on the blog next door, she gets a chance to focus some of her energy on life with me, and what life will be like after I've crossed the rainbow bridge. Creatively she is not alone, musicians and poets do it too. Below is a really sweet song "Back to the Stars" written by Alphanaut, a musicial collective that we just discovered. Mark Alan, from Alphanaut, lost his dog Dingo last year to Canine Lymphoma.  


He's just released his newest LP Little Sun, a concept driven album about the full life cycle of his beloved dog Dingo. Each song on the album is a chapter in the story of Dingo's life, from birth to the ultimate passage back into the realm of the spirit. Of the thirteen songs on the album, eight are told from Dingo's perspective, including this one "Back to the Stars." 

Listen and tell us what you think in the comments. What does the song and its lyrics say to you?