Fake Presidential Candidate - Vote for Cleo

Vote for Cleo!!  Why shouldn't I run for something besides a ball? Everyone is doing it. Don't you think my personality would be a bonus? Couldn't I get some votes for that? My hair fur is nicer than Donald Trump, and he ran.

I'm qualified because I've been very good at being an ambassador. Our houseguest visiting from Tokyo, Japan this week fell in love with me! She took my picture and let me lean against her dark clothes. I'm pretty good at posing for photo ops with babies.

We spoke this week with Dr. Lorie Huston, she said "cats are royalty" so that disqualifies them to run for office. BOL


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Doggie Delight Video

I was off visiting a friend not long ago and had to spend a little time alone. Here is how I reacted when this member of Team Cleo returned. Even she couldn't help but laugh at my antics! What a relief because that digging is so FUN, not to mention the racing through all of her shrubs then digging some more on her lawn. It's a crazy loop of excitement!


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