National Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day shows up in February every year, and this old dog thinks it is a rhetorical holiday. 

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If you need to be reminded to show your dog, cat, gerbil or bird extra love then you probably won't notice a holiday like this one anyway. BOL Just sayin...

But I'll never tire of stinky dog treats

Hold the dog toys please! As an old dog with little interest in toys now, I just got a jump on spring cleaning!

It feels good to share.

Yep, we washed over a dozen dog toys and gave them to our local San Francisco rescue Grateful Dogs Rescue. They don't have a shelter but a nice network of foster homes. Sometimes a foster family hasn't cared for a dog in a long time. Now there is a big bag of toys waiting, with one I'm sure they will like to have.

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It's nice to know my old toys bring squeaky joy to other dogs. I kept a few but this is better than having so many just getting dusty in my toy basket. It's Christmas in February!

If you want to contribute too, or be a foster parent visit --

Grateful Dogs Rescue


Give Fearlessly. Influence Positively.


Guess who has paw fur longer than regulation length? Grrr it's perfect for stepping in mud on my walks but someone called it "hippie hair".

I think they're trying to spiff me up before Valentine's Day. What do you think?

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Give Fearlessly. Influence Positively.

52 Weeks of Cleo Project: Week 52

Where did the year go?! It's week fifty two of celebrating fabulous senior dogs!  Did you enjoy our photo project? We hope you enjoyed getting to know the sweet senior dog known as Cleo, and her many moments as a old dog in the city. Life is good when we realize the human-animal bond is real.

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