Sweating to the Oldies: Senior Dog Exercises

Canine Zen. Yoga dog mat? Have you read about the new Doga movement? It is about achieving harmony with your dog while doing yoga. It is a good idea, but what about us big dogs that like to jump around a little? We need something a little more energetic I think.

So I'm thinking about starting what I like to call Cuddle Exercises or Cuddlcise. Good idea? BOL


The kind of service dog that helps during the holidays

A different kind of service dog.. as in why won't they let me be of service? They never let me help put the cookies out for Santa. Do they think I will eat them? Maybe a lick or a sniff, but I have my own cookies, in that food box in the hallway. 


I helped bake the cookies earlier too. Guess what my special ingredient was? Some of my fur..Think of it like a lucky coin or other tradition from the old country. BOL

Happy Holidays! I'm off to take over chimney patrol.