Dog the Squirrel Hunter

Spring in the backyard means new smells and varmints even a senior dog like me can sniff out. The only grrr downside is when my nose is pulling me towards a smell, coming from behind a thorny rose bush. My brain doesn't always tell me ahead of time (i.e. before I've scraped my nose) that dogs shouldn't try to walk *through* bushes.

I blame my female for being too good at clearing paths for me in the living room, and when we're outside together. She herds me, as much as I herd her..BOL

Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

February 20 is Love Your Pet Day and we're celebrating! Who's with me? All pets welcome!


Here is my portait, in repose. On certain nights, I'm more conflict avoidance than tranquil. And as an older gal, I do have my issues with regulating my body temperature. Some nights, I'm the opposite of restful. Good thing I'm so cute, and PL is a heavy sleeper.