Entourage - my buddies from the Rudy Bus

I love Mary. She takes me out for walks twice a week in her Rudy Bus. It is a van not a bus, but this is what her license plate says. Mary takes me along with a few other dogs out to the park or the beach. We have a good time. She likes me because I don't try to escape, except for that one time when it wasn't an escape.. it was my attention being caught by a Fed Ex truck. SQUIRREL. All ended well.


When I wanted to celebrate International Assistance Week with a post about my entourage from the Rudy Bus, because they assist ME with learning good social skills, I could only find this one handsome photo of my buddy Funston.

Grrr. I have to get after my female for more photos. My buddies in the afternoon walks usually include a pair of sassy Doxies, a sweet Lab and me. Maybe one more senior dog but not always.

I'm the last pick up, and beside the tasty treats at the end, my favorite part is the start because the pair of Doxies kiss me! And I LOVE IT. It really makes me happy, Mary laughs and it starts our excursion off on the right paw..what is it about wee dogs?

Influence Positively Interview - Heidi Ganahl


Heidi Ganahl is one of the country’s most extraordinary, respected and in demand women entrepreneurs. Heidi has triumphed over staggering adversity. Beginning with the loss of her husband at the age of 27, to losing a million-dollar insurance settlement, Heidi’s entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary leadership skills have helped her pick herself up and emerge as a Top Dog of Camp Bow Wow, the $40 million leader in the pet and franchise industry.

Since starting Camp Bow Wow in 2000, Heidi has been able to realize her dream of creating a nonprofit organization, The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, which promotes the health of pups, ending overpopulation and the inhumane treatment of animals worldwide. "The lessons I’ve learned over the years fill my presentations – keep in mind that the world is your field of tennis balls and pile of sticks to fetch if you just put your nose to the ground and go after them! Tragedy, loss and misfortune can all be used to learn the lessons you will need to get past your fear and become a great leader or entrepreneur. So let’s play ball!"

 Heidi enjoys hiking, traveling and working on various charitable causes including her board positions with the Denver Venture School (denverventure.org), the Metro State Center for Innovation (www.centerforinnovation.org) and the University of Colorado at Boulder Leed’s School of Business. "My devotion to the importance of education and animal welfare issues keeps me busy!"

If you are headed to BlogPaws 2011 - like we are - Heidi will be a Saturday keynote speaker. We're honored and thrilled that she took time to join our interview series ahead of the conference!

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Influence Positively Interview - Nancy E. Hassel

Nancy E Hassell - Long Island Pet Professionals Nancy E. Hassel is the Founder of Long Island Pet Professionals a business networking group for anyone in the pet industry on Long Island, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester and the Bronx and soon expanding. Nancy is also a Public Relations expert and was a television producer for nearly 10 years.

Nancy always felt there was a huge disconnect with pet professionals on Long Island. After years of networking with other really great organizations, she decided to start a group solely for pet professionals – alas Long Island Pet Professionals was born and currently has over 120 members.

Nancy also created and teaches Free! Responsible Dog Ownership Classes (education and training) in the Towns of Islip since 2008 and taught it in Huntington from 2008 – 2010, currently starting the 4th year with Islip. Working with dogs for over 20 years, she is dedicated to educating and teaching people about dogs. In June of 2009, she was awarded an “Outstanding Citizen” award by Supervisor Phil Nolan of the Town of Islip for her work with the Responsible Dog Ownership Classes.  In May of 2010 she was honored as one of the Fortune 52 Women by Long Island Press for her work in the pet community.  She is also a committee member for Special Needs Dobermans and consultant with Uniting Against Lung Cancer and has worked on both “Kites for a Cure” events in Southampton for the past 4 years.

Nancy owns an awesome American Pit Bull Terrier, Max, who she adopted as a puppy from Out of The Pits. Max is now 9.5 years old.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Right now would be a vacation I am always very busy, which I love, but a getaway, road trip or discovering a new place would make me very happy right about now. But seriously, perfect happiness is so different to everyone; it could be in a small moment of success, seeing a loved one you haven’t seen a while, having that “aha” moment or the absolute joy of uncontrollable laughter with a friend over the silliest thing. :)

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Influence Positively Questionnaire - Tamara Fox

Brianne with Tamara
Tamara Fox is administrator of the AAHA Helping Pets Fund. She has been associated with the Helping Pets Fund since its launch in 2005. The AAHA Helping Pets Fund works with AAHA-accredited veterinary practices in the United States and Canada to provide grants for emergency and urgent veterinary care to pets in need. A lifelong animal lover, her experience with the Fund and contact with other pet advocates has inspired her to find ways to improve the lives of animals, and to educate others about their needs, at every opportunity.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Warm sunshine, my cats alongside me, a cup of tea, a book…Those moments when I can be content with things as they are, but positive about what is still to come. I need a sense of purpose to be happy. My pets are one important purpose in my life – caring for them, giving them what they need to be healthy and happy. My job at the AAHA Helping Pets Fund is also very important to me. I truly believe in what we do and want the Fund to succeed. Sadly, there are very few programs like ours and millions of pets in need. It makes what we do a struggle sometimes, but one that is well worth it.

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BlogPaws: What a difference you made!


On a dark Friday morning I was still tightly tucked in, in a position known in our house as my "Call of the Wild" curl. This is when my nose gets tucked in deep, against dreamy pretend wind, turning me into a tight ball of soundly sleeping fur.  What was I being disturbed for, at the ungodly hour of 4:30 AM? My female needed me to go with PL to drop her off at the airport.  She has a hard time with goodbyes.

My female headed to Ohio and a pet blogging conference called Blog Paws 2010The first of its kind.  Thanks go to Mar's Pedigree US for sponsoring her, she would not have been able to attend otherwise (though truthfully I didn't like her leaving me).

Well this dark morning I put on my brave game face, and got into the flying bed to escort her to SFO, though secretly once I got into the car I needed to wee like mad.

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