Not Pet Appreciation Day

Dog Presses Pause. Grrr getting my paw hair trimmed is torture. Dogs in the wild don't do this, why should I? Last week was the many Pet Appreciation events and I managed to get out of being bathed. However it is Monday, and a new week. I've tried to persuade PL that longer slightly shaggy hair is very retro right now, a la Carol Brady and the Brady Bunch family. He isn't buying it.


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Vet Visit Part 2: Smell My Feet

Monday means my follow up visit to the vet specialist. Last time she pulled hair from my ears and shaved parts of my dog fur off! Grr but I forgive. We return to see how I'm doing on my Atopica and Ketaconazole. Maybe she will suggest I stop? Not sure but I'll let you know.

This weekend my female told me she is going to bathe me, so I smell nice for the vet. Boo. Though as you can see from this first photo, it is probably a good idea. Dr Reinke gets all up close and personal with her examination. BOL - that tickled!

Tickling Cleo

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Hot Spots Suck

Cleo's Tail Bandage Dog hot spots must be like the human hang nail.

Something that starts out small, and insignificant, then you touch it, worry at it, and voila! Your nothing, in the span of about 10 minutes is a big stinky something, that a vet is taking an electric razor to. Grrrr.

The first photo is the homemade bandage treatment PL gave me after finding the clump of hair hid an infected spot on my tail.

They used so much hydrogen peroxide to foam away the gunk. Do you like the ouchless treatment they wrapped it up with? Not too bad actually.

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