How to Clean Grouchy Puppy Eyes in 5 Easy Steps

Dogs get goop in their eyes just like people. Not the Gwyneth Paltrow-kind of GOOP but the cute sleepy crispy bits you find in a little baby's eye after a nap.

It's Senior Dog Wellness Month and we're sharing our secrets on how to keep a senior dog looking and feeling her best.


Follow these simple steps and you can be sure to safely remove goop from a dog or grouchy puppy..

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Photo Time for Puppy

Guess who is getting her photo taken tomorrow...yep, by a professional (meaning not the female for a change). It should be interesting to see if he can find my good side. BOL

Sadly, this go-see appointment for this dog model means PL insisted on bathing me. Grr. After a warm sudsy five minutes he used a towel my female warmed up in the dryer. Hey it's cold in San Francisco during July!

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