Dog Grooming Tips From a Grouchy Puppy

Pet grooming can be easy or difficult but it is always necessary. My female regularly vacuuming is also necessary, though I take offense that she feels the need to remove my pet hair

I get regular brushing which feels great but I do my best to delay my nails getting done or having any contact with bath water. Since I love the ocean, salt water is my friend.

Dog Grooming Don'ts
How would you groom a grouchy puppy?

First of all, using a hand-held vacuum right before guests arrive might be tolerated out of love [see photo] but is not the best the way to groom your dog. I'm a real animal.

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Grrrr to Burrrrrrs

My PL pulled this burrrr-foxtail out of my body fur today.  He got worried because it felt like it was under my skin though in reality, my armor husky style fur stopped it in time.  I'm a lucky grrl that both PL - he can be determined - and my patient female like to groom me!