Who is the dog behind Grouchy Puppy?

I'm a big girl who lives in the city of St. Francis and loves nothing more than eating, sleeping, going for walks, weekend cuddles, being brushed and generally being in the mix.  The best part of my life started when the SF/SPCA learned that I was available at a shelter up north in the country and brought me back with them to the big city.

The workers immediately saw how cool I was and after cleaning the country grime off of me, got me a gig on local TV channel KRON-4 for their weekly show about dogs and cats available for adoption. I was a rock star of course.

This is me Cleo, in 2008

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Dogs Positively Influence Campaign | Ric Paws it Forward

Here is a new (yet well known to many) dog to share with you. She is a surf dog who paws it forward every day in Southern California. Her name is Ricochet, or Ric. What makes her so special? To start with she has a guardian whose most proud moment was embracing Ric's natural talents..

"I made one good decision with my dog Ricochet, and that was to finally let her be who she truly is, rather than trying to make her fit my expectations. I wanted her to be a service dog for a person with a disability, but she has too much chase drive. Once I let go of the expectations, she showed me she has a mission to touch millions of lives, not just one. If I hadn't made that decision, she would have remained stifled, and both of us unhappy and disappointed. Instead, disappointment was replaced with a joyful new direction!" ~ Judy

Together they continue spreading Ric's positive influence today with videos like this: 


They plan to use the video above to get out to teachers, and do in school presentations, so kids can learn how to respect animals, and take responsibility for them. They want kids to learn how to be true to themselves.

Judy hopes Ric's story will have kids relate to her as a dog, rather than as a teacher or parent telling them what to do -- influencing them while they're young. 

Do you have a dog who positively influences too? Tell us.

To learn more about Ric visit her website:  www.surfdogricochet.com