Black Dog Appreciation Day - Friday Friends

Can a dog be shocked? If we can, then I am because it shocking to me that black dogs in shelters are usually the last to find homes and get adopted. What the?! That is crazy! Some of my best friends are black dogs. Hi Bear! Hi Funston! Hi Kona!

I mean as a big furry girl whose fur coat is so thick that I understand someone hesitating to adopt a dog like me if they lived in the desert. I mean seriously, I don't think I'd look all that good with a seasonal shaving because it was like 100 degrees every day for months on end. Grrr.


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Dog with a bone to pick: You went where without me?

TGIF. This week has been a tough one for this senior dog. Having my pack split up, at my age, is not easy. I'm still a bit glued to my female's hip after five days. And to top things off, PL decided to go stomp some grapes without me! Don't let this photo fool you, I'm using lots of conflict avoidance techniques and breathing exercises in it. BOL


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Puppy-a-Day Project: Home stretch

Puppy a Day ..while my female is away

So close, it is Friday and I'm half way to handing out stinky senior dog kisses to my female at the airport! Can I just say how adorable Petunia's puppies are...she is doing a great job and @HWAC has amazing foster families!

America's Next Top Dog Model Search or How My Female Got Me to Fly Across the Country

If you've seen my puppy-a-day project photos, hopefully you understand that I am missing my female, an important member of my pack. She is away at a pet blogging conference. Well, just when I thought she was playing with other dogs and having fun without me, I see this...


She took an hour's worth of my fur with her in a ziplock, and is letting me virtually meet lots of my virtual friends and fans! Awwwwwww.

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