Birthday Celebration Giveaway - Grouchy Puppy Style

Welcome to the Pawty!

November 9
is my official personal homecoming day, and a HUGE holiday around here. (By "here" I mean my house, not the city and county of San Francisco, though I'm working with my District Supervisor. BOL)

This year we want YOU to join us in the celebration!!  My friend Ruby Dog gave us the great idea of a GIVEAWAY. If all goes well, hopefully this is the first of many giveaways throughout the holiday season.

Since I love giving away cuddles, furry drive-bys and kisses when I'm on my "wanna go for a walk" and when visitors are over, we thought why not give a special gift directly to one of YOU! I can't mail a cuddle but I sure can mail this Morphing Mug we had made on Zazzle!

Just like me, it has two sides and changes in an instant.  Click through some of the past year's family, romp and playtime and tour guide moments, and you'll see what I mean.

This is your chance to wake up in the morning looking at my gorgeous "mug" on your own mug. Without the morning breath. When it’s cold, it’s just a simple black cup. When you add any hot beverage (water, tea, coffee, etc.), the cup turns white and the image comes to life! Woof!

Grouchy Puppy Mug"Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer!"

Here are 3 ways for you to enter this FREE GIVEAWAY

  1. Follow Cleo's Day on Google Friend Connect (Leave a comment in this post telling us so I can confirm)
  2. Become a Fan on Facebook (Leave a comment in this post telling us so I can confirm)
  3. Become a Facebook Fan AND upload a photo of your own mug anipal face! [Counts as double]

Rules & Details:   This giveaway is open to US residents. Giveaway runs from October 21, 2010 through October 29, 2010. This prize has been provided by my PL.   Don't forget to leave a valid email so we can contact the winner!  A random-number generator will be used to select the winner on October 30, 2010.

Dogtoberfest in the City

San Franciscans love their dogs and Saturday saw lots of money being raised at the 4th Annual Dogtoberfest.  This event raises money for the upkeep and improvements to Upper Douglass Dog Park, a large off-leash park in the Noe Valley neighborhood.

Since the Diamond Heights Animal Hospital closed last year, I had to find a new Veterinarian. Fortunately now a new team has taken over the old location and opened Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital.  Sandra Hazanow DVM stopped by Dogtoberfest for a neighborly meet and greet.

The cool temperatures helped bring out lots more dogs and people I think.  We met lots of cute dogs like Buster whose owner Amy Kott from the SF-SPCA is a certified dog trainer and had a booth called Ask Amy! 

There were delicious dog treats to buy...

..or try to sneak off the table!!! Nice try buddy!


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Doggie Swag - Thanks iLoveDogs!


Look what arrived Priority Mail this week!  Woot! My amazing prizes from i Love Dogs!

This amount of swag makes coming in second place Best in Show in my book.  They even gave me TWO tennis balls.

Should I share with my noisy neighbor Sienna? Maybe Tanner the Lab who hangs out with the construction guys on my block might like it? Hmmm, I'll have to chew on this awhile...

Good Girl - My 2nd Place Win

This special Friday Friend goes to ALL of my friends who voted for me!

Guess what? I won second prize for doing my job!! Watching the house, waiting for PL and being on guard for the man in brown are important aspects of my role in the pack. I'm just thrilled you guys thought it was cute too.


Thank you i Love Dogs and FIDO Friendly Magazine judges for including me in the top 10 cutest dogs, in your first-ever cutest dog photo contest.  And a HUGE thank you to my fans that voted for me!  It is so wonderful to have friends who love me as I am. 

Winners were announced Tuesday night and I'm still getting extra cuddles and treats from my pack. 

These are the nice things they said about me and what I won: 

As mesmerizing as she is mesmerized, Cleo the grouchy puppy poses as strikingly as a supermodel. Her fans seem to agree that Cleo’s gorgeous and cute to boot. As the second prize winner, Cleo and her humom will receive an i Love Dogs “Doggie Goodies Bag” (which includes vitamin samples and toys), and a one-year subscription to FIDO Friendly Magazine!

Thanks again for the love. Rescues, a grouchy puppy, middle age grrl and small ponies big furry dogs can be CUTE. We have proved it.

The Sunshine Award


Yoda the dog has given me the Sunshine Award. How he managed to actually consider me and then bestow it on one of the few sunny days we have had here in California, I don't know. He's a smart dog.

I feel really honored to receive the award because I like to think that I bring sunshine to others, even when they might be initially scared of me because I am a big grrl and sometimes pushy thus the @grouchypuppy handle.

I'm so proud that Yoda feels sunshine from reading about my day. I may be misunderstood sometimes but Yoda reminds me that it isn't ALL the time. Thank you Yoda for this pretty flower too, I like it a lot. And I am glad you liked the dog hair song. Mama hums it now when she vacuums...

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