Indoor exercises perfect for winter

Why am I sharing this video of a silly basset hound? Because he is a big old baby (also known as B.O.B.) and sort of makes faces like me. Also to embarrass my female for making me do these "exercises" too...grrrrrrr though I do like when she tickles me and pets my face like this.


Cutest video ever Golden Retriever Puppies Snow Play

Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies in the Snow! I do love puppies because they let me stand over them and bite them on the neck. I'm arthritic and playing with puppies for me is slow going.


Since my energy is being consumed by getting up and stretching, in between naps, this video seemed like a fair trade for my lack of posts here. Hey, I'm an old dog, what do you expect? BOL 

Enjoy this cute video and I'll start another dream where I recall jumping in the ocean and biting it.