Hearts and dogs equal perfect match

Today my old dog heart is heavy for my buddy Brett and his senior sweetheart Beagle Lilly.

image from http://www.grouchypuppy.com/

RIP dear Lilly. At 15 years you are an inspiration to me. I only met you through the smells on Brett but I can tell we would've been friends.

I know I benefited from you because your Brett shared your food experiences with my female. Thank you for giving fearlessly and influencing positively so many, especially your pack.

See you at the bridge.

- Cleo

Give Fearlessly. Influence Positively.

Sock lovers unite!

In my dog opinion, this video makes no sense. I don't like the music and I don't like socks. I have canine buddies who love them, but not me. My catnip is liver...and pretty much meat of any kind. I LOVE MEAT. I will throw down and do whatever you want me to for a taste...but socks, not a wink or blink. BOL