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Dog lovers will unite on the eighth year

Hey dog lovers and all my buddies out there, are you busy next Saturday because we're having a party! And clearly it's not a surprise. BOL

It's a big day built around my eighth year of being with my forever family. You know, the symbol for infinity looks like the number 8 don't you think? My female says she'll love me to infinity, but then again she also used to say things like "to infinity and beyond" after I made a big mess of our compost. I think she was mumbling about me. Hmm good thing I live in the moment, and not in the past. 

Seriously, if you love dogs, love me, or just like to party, come by November 9. Below are a few more details about what is being planned [...]

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Why adopting an elderly dog is a great choice to make!

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Do you need a reason to make adoption your first choice? How about three wonderful reasons? Meet this sweet family that includes three dogs, all of whom were senior sweethearts when they were adopted by Mark and Mary Ann Behme. 


Watch the video and consider making adoption your first choice when adding to your family. Learn more about the Shelter Pet Project

And while you're thinking about what family means to you, November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month. Consider sharing your home with an older dog.