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Dog lovers will unite on the eighth year

Hey dog lovers and all my buddies out there, are you busy next Saturday because we're having a party! And clearly it's not a surprise. BOL

It's a big day built around my eighth year of being with my forever family. You know, the symbol for infinity looks like the number 8 don't you think? My female says she'll love me to infinity, but then again she also used to say things like "to infinity and beyond" after I made a big mess of our compost. I think she was mumbling about me. Hmm good thing I live in the moment, and not in the past. 

Seriously, if you love dogs, love me, or just like to party, come by November 9. Below are a few more details about what is being planned [...]

Okay not a lot of details available yet, but we have an event page on Facebook and next door on the other blog information is also slowly bubbling up. I can tell you that starting at midnight November 9 there will be a Rafflecopter giveaway for a special edition calendar featuring yours truly! Woof!