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When dog photo close ups go bad

It was all fun and liver treats this morning, until my female saw these paws up close.

Now I'm being told my paw fur is too long! Grrrr. My back feet are crazy ticklish too. And this weekend started out so nicely too...but I've got a few tricks up my fur. Husky Shepherd blended dogs are smart, especially the older we get.

Yes, in this house, senior dogs really do rule!

Give Fearlessly. Influence Positively.

Canine Ridesharing in San Francisco

Human or dog...Do you still wonder who has the upper hand? This cool blue accessory allows a dog to ride share like a champ.

This dog gets to ride along and has the best vantage point. Little dogs usually are ankle biters but not this guy! BOL

Is this the cutest man purse ever?