52 Weeks of Cleo Project: Week 6
52 Weeks of Cleo Project: Week 7

Life is good with a buddy

My adopted life has been better than even this smart dog could have predicted. Trust me, as a Shepherd-Husky blend, I know I'm smart. BOL Well, now I'm a lucky old dog, whose life has made a real impact on others.

My life in San Francisco has motivated my female to make changes in hers. Together we saw the lack of stories about how dogs influence positively or give fearlessly on the interweb. My female started taking photos of me doing what I do best around the city of St. Francis. She shared them across social media and in emails to friends. 

On patrol in Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Fast forward a few years, and voila...now newspapers, TV news stations, and even Facebook is covered in amazing stories about the power of the human-animal bond.

Life is Good with a Buddy. As a way to continue my positive influence, my female and I are asking friends to join us in donating to a local privately funded nonprofit - PAWS. For many years their volunteers have worked selflessly to keep low income seniors and the disabled together with their furry best and sometimes only friend. The positive influence of having a buddy makes life better. My female and I are a testament to that, and we bet you are too.

We have a long way before we reach our fundraising goal, but any donation you could make would be appreciated. And because I love anyone who works to give fearlessly, I will give you a digital smooch for every donation made. Just leave me a comment here or send us an email and let me know.


Smooches from the pooches
- Cleo