How to teach a puppy to climb stairs
52 Weeks of Cleo Project: Week 2

Fabulous Senior Dogs: My 52 Weeks of Cleo Project

I am an old dog who sleeps a lot, deals with aches and pains, snuggles every chance I get, while keeping one ear (my eyesight sucks) on the front door.
Celebrating Senior Dogs: Week 1


However, you may not realize that I am also the muse for all things GrouchyPuppy. If it wasn't for me, my female would still be writing about bond ladders and the importance of dollar cost averaging. What the, what?

Because she loves me, and has documented much of our life together, we put our furry (hair product suggestions should be sent to her attention not mine) heads together. We decided 2013 would be a great year to offer you a cute photo of me every week.

Email us or leave us a comment if you like what you see, or have requests. I'm very photogenic and would be happy to pose.