Joyful moment brought to you by kittens & a dog
Cute video: Dog sells a chicken at the market

Welcome to the Cleo Cafe

Shot of Cleo goes with coffee or tea!

Senior dogs enjoy coffee talk. I like to sleep in but if you're up, I'm up. My German Shepherd side feels very protective and needs to be involved. I think my Siberian Husky side is the one who really enjoys sleeping more than ever...weird.

It's my birthday/homecoming and Gotcha Day this Friday. If you want to celebrate with me, consider donating any amount to our fundraiser for PAWS SF. They're celebrating 25 years keeping low income people together with their beloved pets. They understand the power of the human-animal bond and its effect on the vulnerable.

VIsit our FirstGiving Page for lots of information about PAWS SF and why they deserve your support.