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Witness protection? Dogs dressed as other animals

Are dogs smart, or are we just suckers for the love and treats we get for letting our people dress us in costumes? And why does it seem the smaller dog gets dressed up more? Is that size descrimination?

This dog here looks [...]

image from a dog in hiding, who's also a sucker for treats. BOL Look at that face! It reads "COOKIES. Give me cookies!" 

Don't get me wrong, I throw down with the best of the them. I'm not above sitting pretty, or trying to roll over, for a liver treat. It's liver for pete's sake. If I was a few years younger, and a little more flexible, and that costume came in a size 25XL..I'm just saying, for liver treats I'd put up with a lot. BOL

Want to woof at other dogs who let their people dress them up? Need to hide out and you're looking for a costume? Here are a bunch of animals dressed as other animals ..