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How does a dog get their name?

Is my name short for Cleopatra?

Isn't it funny when you go to the park, and you hear someone yell "Hey Charlie" or "It's time to go Molly." People assume a parent is yelling for their child. They are, if their child is a dog.

Did you know Molly and Charlie are two super popular dog names today? What happened to Rex? Too obvious? Maybe the human names for dogs validates my theory that dogs ARE members of the family. What do you think?

What if your dog chose your name? I'd call my female...

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Guest Post Friday: Bear gives tips for staying cool this summer

Our buddy Bear, is all grown up now, and ready to offer his sage dog advice on staying cool this summer. He has a paws on the ground perspective. You should listen to him because he travels every season up to Lake Tahoe, experiencing extreme winter and summer!

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Dog Days of Summer

Woof! It's me, Bear the dog. It seems humans have been growling a lot lately about how hot it is. Record-breaking weather. Triple-digit temperatures. No air conditioning because of major power outages. Sweltering heat and high humidity.

You probably didn't think we dogs picked up on stuff like this. With our exceptional hearing, our dog-ears hear everything! So, I'd like to offer up a little dog food for thought to help put this summer heat in dog perspective. Oh, and woof! I'll also share with you some of my tips for staying cool in the Dog Days of Summer.

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