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Senior Dog Life: Why not going to Blogpaws is good

This is part of a series on why I'm not posting as frequently.


Listen up..


Not going to BlogPaws = Winning!

The pet conference is in full swing and I'll just say it. I'm not sorry my female chose to stay home with me. Maybe if this was an adoption evaluation you'd suspect I had possessiveness issues.

I'd argue that like a lot of senior citizens, I don't have time for platitudes. I'm at a stage when - wisely - I know what I want. I want to spend the time that I have left with my loved ones. I also want that man in brown to stop bringing stuff to the door. It's been years and my mind isn't going to change. BOL

My days now are mostly spent popping pills, eating more tiny meals, barking at street noises, napping and going for frequent but short walks. I sound a lot like Grandpa Jim, only he doesn't get brushed & groomed like I do :0)

I hope everyone understands my longer absences from this blog. My female will keep sharing my days when she thinks I'm being cute or informative. You can always find pictures of me on the other blog and on Facebook.

For all my buddies attending Blogpaws thanks for understanding...and... I win!!