Influence Positively Interview - Marcie Grube
Happy Father's Day

Cutest Grouchy Puppy Shirt Yet

Guess what someone is getting for Father's Day? We just made this for PL...

I know June 10-17, 2012 is Pet Appreciation Week but it could be papa appreciation week in my house. My female helped me make this for PL because:

  • He gets up early just for me
  • I get extra treats when we're home alone together
  • We always laugh together when we're out walking
  • He's gentle when he gives me my insulin injections every day
  • He says I'm a pretty girl all the time, even now when I have lots of white hair
  • I will always love him because he saw me first at the adoption center, and welcomed me when I put my head in his lap.

Do you think he'll appreciate my efforts? I hope so, because I want everyone to know that he gives fearlessly to me.