Is it really that hard to be kind to animals?
What's way cuter than a balloon dog?

Hi Dr Morris & Dr Reinke | It's National Pet Week

American Veterinary Medical Association is behind this week's National Pet Week. This dog is giving a tip of her paw to her regular vet Dr. Morris, and her vet specialist, Dr. Susan Reinke. 

Dr Susan Reinke

Dr. Reinke works to help me with my skin issues and allergies. I'm not the best patient, but she knows my stress panting is no reflection on her skills or floor-side manner (she's nice about coming down to floor to inspect my latest hot spot).

Cleo in Petaluma
I don't have his photo, but a big thank you too for my regular vet Dr. Lee Morris. He is amazing and helpful, and very very patient with this furry patient.

You can find him running the San Francisco Pet Hospital. A very cool old school building that has been a continuous veterinary hospital and practice for 100 years!