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Mother's Day Letter From Dog

If dogs really wrote greeting cards and letters, this is what I would send to my female on this holiday celebrating mothers.


Happy Mother's Day Female!

You have been a wonderful caregiver to me. I know you try hard to not smother me, yet still make sure I know that I'm loved. I appreciate that you let me pick up the news at my own leisure on our daily walks.

You've done a really good job at meal time. I know this is a big deal because I see that PL does all the cooking for you.

Thank you for incorporating your daily routine with mine, because I feel very much a part of the family. You make me believe I'm doing a good job and contributing to the pack. 

I don't need to be the alpha, because you and PL are very good in that role already. That's a relief.

Thank you for using positive reinforcement when teaching me things. I respond better to your loving words and tone of voice...in addition to a tasty liver treat.

Don't worry about me being older now. Yes, I have more aches and pains. It sucks to have yummy food fall out of my mouth because teeth are missing. But you know what, live in the moment, and life isn't so bad. I love spending so much time with you.

Finally, thank you for giving the best cuddles. You've learned just how long I like to be held and exactly how many kisses in a row make me smile.

And when it is time for me to cross the rainbow bridge, I promise that I will be waiting for you, when it is your turn. Expect stinky nibbly kisses.


Cleo, your dog.