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Mellow Yellow Dog

The upside to being an old dog? Massage. My pack helps me limber up in the morning, and settle in for the night, with a nice massage. It helps my joints and soothes my muscles.  

Here I am...can you tell if this is a before or after shot?

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Breakfast for lunch - senior dog perks

Not so into breakfast these days, but this dog still wants her female to know that her cooking is tasty. Only I plan to eat my morning meals as brunch from now on. I'm bringing a new dimension to canine fancy.


image from
Fancy Feast


Is this a perk for being an older dog? For some, maybe, but since I have diabetes it means my female has to be clever & feed me something else for breakfast. I need to eat something before getting my insulin injection. Today she tricked gave me my kibble as if it was a dog treat. Yum! What will tomorrow bring?

Good thing she went to college. And has other doggy friends who are smarter than she is. I'm going to enjoy the taste testing...BOL

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