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Senior Dog Affirmation | Take Your Time

Savoring a dog treat. Chewing your meal thoroughly with what few teeth you have -- these are all good ideas for us seniors. As we get older, a pearl (or liver treat) of wisdom I've learned, is to take my time.

I enjoy my walks more [...]

Cleo loves her afternoon cookies

I don't bump into so many table legs. My toes don't scrape the curb because I'm rushing forward too quickly on my walk. And I enjoy my afternoon cookies more, when I take my time.

Editor's Note:

You might notice that I'm not posting every day like I used to. My senior years have me sleeping more and writing less. I hope you subscribe to both blogs so that you don't miss my posts. I will share my days as always, only not always on this blog when my female wants to chime in, and some days I need extra rest. Thank you for your understanding, and for caring about my well-being. You guys are the best, and I'd kiss every one of you, if you came up to me on a walk.

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