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Can dogs be lambs?

My female has been calling me her little spring lamb, and honey bunny. Since that usually means I'm getting a nice brushing followed by a treat, I like seasonal nicknames. Baa Baa! Peep! Peep! Woof! PL is getting into the act and just called me his lil' Easter egg..[...]


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Pass over that dog cookie, it's Feaster!

As a food motivated dog, I love me a holiday with the word "feast" in it! BOL


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Do they make Peeps in chicken liver?


Sure, my senior diet and diabetes makes my diet a little more restricted but even so, I can say YES to all kinds of turkey and chicken and fish!

Here's to a wonderful weekend. I hope you and your pack spend lots of time together, enjoying good food, cuddles, spring weather & satisfying walks - followed by a nice nap.

Woofs & wags

Dog the Squirrel Hunter

Spring in the backyard means new smells and varmints even a senior dog like me can sniff out. The only grrr downside is when my nose is pulling me towards a smell, coming from behind a thorny rose bush. My brain doesn't always tell me ahead of time (i.e. before I've scraped my nose) that dogs shouldn't try to walk *through* bushes.

I blame my female for being too good at clearing paths for me in the living room, and when we're outside together. She herds me, as much as I herd her..BOL