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Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

Am I a scary dog or a lucky dog? Big dogs, and often even their shadows, can seem scary to people, but as a large adopted as an adult dog, I'm more lucky than scary. I can cast a mean looking shadow on my afternoon walk, but this senior dog couldn't be more lamb than wolf.


Every day I spend with my pack makes me happy. I still get puffed up with pride when I can bark loudly behind the front door at a threatening noise on the other side. Maybe I hurt my joints a little from bolting up too quickly when I do it, but it's worth it. I'm old but I've got a fire in the belly still.

I have always been social and never liked being home alone. Fortunately my pack worked hard to make it so I'm never alone anymore, except when one of them goes outside to get the paper or take out the trash. If they need to go somewhere that isn't right for me, I have a nice sitter who hangs out with me. See how lucky I am?!

Sometimes people confuse my manners (or lapse there of) with scare tactics. It was worse when I was younger, but my reputation is set with some folks, like the man in brown. I suppose it is a dog's life to break down barriers and stereotypes. I'm up to the task because my pack has my back, and those who read this blog and know me around town...know that I am just a grouchy puppy, who knows she's a very lucky girl.