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Celebrating Pi Day - Grouchy Puppy Style



It is suppose to be Wordless Wednesday but that is impossible, because we're talking pi(e). PL moved his pie away from my nose, but not my sense of smell. It is savory pie! With BACON. Grrrrrr. He better give me a taste before he finishes...or I'm going to "accidentally" bump my nose into his fork, and take a nibble.

Daylight Savings is tough on senior dogs

It's been a couple days since we "sprang forward". As an older dog, I need dark space after dinner to nap before bed. It's too light still after my meal. Grrr.

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I'll just squeeze my eyes real tight, and see how that works. Otherwise I'm gonna move to another room. I'm putting off those stairs until I have to... Hips don't lie.