Senior Dog Tricks and Leap Day
Are dogs oblivious or just really good at living in the moment?

Hop on Pop or Green Eggs and Ham? Tough Call!

Hop on Pop or Green Eggs and Ham? Tough call because PL is pretty fun, but then again, I am a food motivated dog. Hmm, better go take a walk around the block and think about that. In the meantime, Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!!!!

You did so much for young kids in the 1950's and beyond. Isn't it amazing that in 2012, we dogs, especially trained Pet Therapy dogs, are now helping teach school children to enjoy reading.

In May 1954, Life magazine published a report on illiteracy among school children, which concluded that children were not learning to read because their books were boring. Accordingly, William Ellsworth Spaulding, the director of the education division at Houghton Mifflin who later became its Chairman, compiled a list of 348 words he felt were important for first-graders to recognize and asked Geisel to cut the list to 250 words and write a book using only those words.[30] Spaulding challenged Geisel to "bring back a book children can't put down." [31] Nine months later, Geisel, using 236 of the words given to him, completed The Cat in the Hat.

Source: Wikipedia

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and thanks for writing all those great books!