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Daylight Savings is tough on senior dogs

Who is the dog behind Grouchy Puppy?

I'm a big girl who lives in the city of St. Francis and loves nothing more than eating, sleeping, going for walks, weekend cuddles, being brushed and generally being in the mix.  The best part of my life started when the SF/SPCA learned that I was available at a shelter up north in the country and brought me back with them to the big city.

The workers immediately saw how cool I was and after cleaning the country grime off of me, got me a gig on local TV channel KRON-4 for their weekly show about dogs and cats available for adoption. I was a rock star of course.

This is me Cleo, in 2008
 My pack leader now is a cool male who loves me a lot. He is very careful when he uses the Dremel to trim my nails. He makes my food very savory every time. My female can be very motherly to me and will soothe me when I get nervous. We have brushing parties that make me fall asleep. Both love me a lot and make sure I feel their love, other people notice.

Here are 5 things you should know about me:

  • People say I'm a pleaser and that may be true, but it is more about wanting to just hang.
  • I'm a heavy leaner
  • I love to bite and stand in ocean water
  • Strangers like to pet me
  • I am food motivated