Dogs like me are a gift
Crab Season 2011 Finally Opens in San Francisco

Thanksgiving 2011 or How Senior Dogs Play Poker

By now, you probably have heard or read, that I am officially old. With this maturity, comes a quiet dignity. I may not be a senator like some of my buddies, but I am regal. I'm also slowly losing my vision. However, don't feel sorry for me, because as you will see, I'm holding my own.

In case I forgot to mention it, this is how I spent Thanksgiving this year. Yep, I am head-butting the stove, while the cranberry sauce and gravy is being made. And to prove that this isn't a fake photo, check out this evidence [...]

I am literally in the middle of rush hour traffic as PL makes dinner. He trusts me, to trust him, to not step on me, while I trust his agility with the turkey.

If I had been a puppy, do you think I'd here? I'd probably be downstairs in the laundry, making a mess. BOL

Being an old dowager has its perks. Now if I could just get them to let me get a headstart when it comes to picking up dropped food. I'm not as quick as I used to be..