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Cutest Dog Video Yet

Not sure what kind of dog this is? Pug, Boston Terrier? Frenchie? Whatever breed this wee dog is, it doesn't matter. This dog has talent!!


And, because I love little dogs the most, I will overlook the lack of pants on the man. Grrr..but back to the cute dog. What a little Yoda...adore!

Sweating to the Oldies: Senior Dog Exercises

Canine Zen. Yoga dog mat? Have you read about the new Doga movement? It is about achieving harmony with your dog while doing yoga. It is a good idea, but what about us big dogs that like to jump around a little? We need something a little more energetic I think.

So I'm thinking about starting what I like to call Cuddle Exercises or Cuddlcise. Good idea? BOL