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Mutt Monday: How senior dogs rule

In my opinion, dogs rule. Granted I'm biased, because I am a dog, but let me tell you how senior dogs rule, rather than why. You might understand where this notion comes from [...]


How senior dogs rule:
  • As dogs get older, and take more medicine, we think you're giving us a treat when you deliver our pills in liverwurst
  • We like shorter walks, so if you loop us around the block, we won't mind, as long as you let us pick up the news on the telephone poles
  • With our aging eyes, we (and our noses) appreciate that you don't move the furniture around, it gives us confidence at night when we're ready for bed
  • Our teeth might be falling out, and kind of ground down, but we still will be gentle when we take that treat from your fingers, so we don't accidentally hurt you
  • Nap time is always a good call, your welcome to join us.