Happy Thanksgiving!
Puppy massage before the big turkey-palooza

Loving our family: Two-Legged and Four-Legged

IMG_5298Last week was my annual mature exam at the vet. I had a nervous stomach and relied on my pack for support. They brought my favorite treats to surprise me with, and even let me get onto the couch next to them while we waited for our turn.

I trust my pack to not let anything bad happen to me, and they don't disappoint. They wrapped me in love throughout the entire appointment. This time I even settled down long enough to weigh in at 88lbs! That's an auspicious number even for a dog!

Afterwards, they confirmed with the doc that I am a rockstar..

BOL Just making sure you kept reading, I made up that rockstar thing... The doc said I was crazy healthy for my age (older than 7 less than 11), and all the potential negatives were minor and was up to us to ignore. For example:
  • My skin tags are pretty unattractive, when you can see them through my thick fur. They look scary. In reality, if I am not biting them, removing them is purely cosmetic.
  • My gums are ugly and a little excessive due to my meds, but fine.
  • My blood and urine test results showed all insides are normal, in spite of possible risks due to the Atopica and Ketaconazole
  • My vision is poor but not due to Pannus. I do have problems seeing but with my confidence, and my pack jumping hurdles for me - the occasion stumble is only a cute moment.

I'm so thankful and grateful for my family, buddies, Team Cleo and friendly strangers. This time of year I also want to tell you all how much I appreciate your friendship too. Your wonderful comments, kind words and virtual love, mean a lot to me. Happy Thanksgiving! -Love, Cleo