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Pet 'Net 2011: Consider Adopting Senior Dog

Five Reasons Senior Dogs Rule

My vet says I am a senior dog. True, but it doesn't mean I'm boring. I'm old, but I'm still fun, though more sleepy than a year ago. BOL. Hey, there is a big upside to having a dog that likes to get their shut-eye. [...]


Five Reasons Senior Dogs Rule:
  1. We bark less, sleep more.
  2. At this stage, we are more likely to tell you, in advance, when we need to go do some business
  3. Puppies chew everything in sight. We're happy to still chew, period.
  4. We don't jump on the counter, anymore.
  5. Our love for you is as strong as it ever was, maybe more so, because we're still together after all these years.

The best part of being old, is knowing my pack loves me, really loves me. After six years together, they have shown me that age doesn't mean anything to them. They love me as I am...