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These pets on furniture inspire!

Long ago, I used to get up on the couch every day. My doggy legs and agility could even get me to hop up onto a bench outside the pizza joint or market. Passersby smiled.


Today, I only "climb" onto my fluffy pet bed. But, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy checking out pets that can still enjoy a soft cushion or chair.

If you haven't seen this wonderful site before, let me share with you, Desire to Inspire. They share the interiors of homes from architects and professional designers to readers - all with the hope of inspiring you. 

When I'm missing my time on the furniture, or just want to see some cute photos of other people's pets on furniture, we visit the site on Mondays. 

Every Monday they share photos of pets on furniture. Here are two adorable images from last Monday, October 17, 2011..

About Desire to Inspire: Whether highlighting interior designers and decorators, architects, stylists, photographers or their own readers' homes, Desire to Inspire aims to do just that ... inspire. Sit back, pour a cup of tea and enjoy!