San Francisco Annual Blessing of the Animals October 1st
I'm a Dog not a Sheep

As close as this dog will get to a Halloween costume

Do you see what I see? I see potential shame and embarrassment from neighborhood friends. To you, it may look like a cute wolf in sheeps clothing, but to me I see flags all over the field. BOL (Hey, it's NFL season now!) 


This toy has the wheels turning (dangerously so) in my female's head, as she contemplates how impossibly cute I'd be, if this was me. She loves imagining me as a pup. If my female could do more than replace a squeaker in a toy, she might try making a full size version of this for me to wear at Halloween. Thank goodness for both of us, the odds are in my favor she'll forget this nonsense, and that she doesn't have a glue gun.