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Labor Day and Dogs

There is no such thing as labor day for a dog. Service, guide and assistance dogs work every day because they love what they do. Maybe this is where the phrase "labor of love" comes from? I wouldn't be surprised if a dog inspired or invented that. BOL


As a dog, I am always on duty. Whether it is watching the yard, guarding the house, making sure I get my share of kisses, or just reminding PL when it is time for a walk or a meal - I am busy. Maybe this is why dogs nap so much? We gotta grab a few winks when we can get them.

Today is like every other day for me. After I finish doing a perimeter check, I plan to grab a little shut eye before we head out on a walk. If you see any or know any dogs, be sure and give them a little extra love today (from afar if they don't like to be approached), acknowledging their labor for their pack.

I'll be on the look out if you are in my neck of the woods. This nice man gave me some love and props (which included a treat) for being good at walking well on the crowded sidewalk.