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How to Clean Grouchy Puppy Eyes in 5 Easy Steps

Dogs get goop in their eyes just like people. Not the Gwyneth Paltrow-kind of GOOP but the cute sleepy crispy bits you find in a little baby's eye after a nap.

It's Senior Dog Wellness Month and we're sharing our secrets on how to keep a senior dog looking and feeling her best.


Follow these simple steps and you can be sure to safely remove goop from a dog or grouchy puppy..


2 - Cuddle while your sleepy dog holds their Santa toy and slowly wakes up

3- Gently spoon with your dog while you slowly and carefully wipe the goop away from the corner of each eye


4 - Make sure to continue cuddling so that your dog feels safe and protected after having the crispy goop removed


5 - Be prepared to be rewarded with a big ol' kiss, hopefully after your dog drops their Santa in order to plant one on you properly.


See how easy that was? It's Senior Dog Wellness Month! How do you help your grouchy puppy be healthy?