Daily Beast or How a Dog Spends Her Day
National Assistance Week Begins!

Sundays with Lucy and loving little dogs!


This is Lucy, my sweet little pretend sister. She is adorable and faithful to our shared dog walker, nice older lady, Mary.

This morning I wanted to share the sleepy Lucy with you because she is a sweetheart and just a week ago, stayed quiet and steadfast in her temporary bed, waiting for word on Mary.

Mary had fallen ill suddenly and couldn't return to Lucy. Fortunately I discovered Lucy, while we were on my w-a-l-k and my greeting alerted more people to Lucy"s situation. They not only helped Mary get taken care of, we all got to help Lucy!

We found Lucy's peeps, told Mary, and fed the parking meter so the Rudy Bus wouldn't get a ticket until someone was able to move it to Mary's driveway. What was scary turned out to be a testement to everyone loving Mary, loving Lucy and wanting to help.