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Influence Positively Interview - Kellie Heckman

Dr. Heckman brings her background in research science to FiXiT Foundation. Her experience in science includes the use of genetic tools to examine the evolutionary relationships and the examination of natural populations in a variety of animal groups. During her PhD research at Northwestern University, she examined the evolutionary history of mouse lemur species, the world's smallest primates. At Yale University, her postdoctoral research focused on the population biology of North American freshwater and Mediterranean fish species.

Dr. Heckman also provides nearly a decade of animal welfare experience. She was a member of the executive committee of the Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter and performed additional duties for the organization during her 7 year tenure, including volunteer orientation, fundraising, and feline socialization. In addition, Heckman was also involved with trap-neuter-release efforts in New Haven, CT. Dr. Heckman would then use her research background in PETA's Corporate Affairs Department, supporting the animal welfare movement with hard science.

Dr. Heckman was born in Indiana and received her Bachelor of Science in population biology from Purdue University and doctorate in evolutionary biology from Northwestern University.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Perfect happiness is when all animals are treated humanely -- of course, starting with the end of needless euthanasia as a product of companion animal overpopulation.

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Puppy-a-Day Project: Airport Pick Up

Puppy a Day ..while my female is away

Tonight is the night! My female returns and as these puppies know, I've got to get squeaky clean before she arrives. Grrr and I hate baths but since I love her more, I will give up a little of my donkey nature - this once. I've missed her and will likely do a few puppy moves out of excitement, rather than play it cool like the senior experienced dog that I am...but hey, SHE'S COMING HOME.

I hope you've liked my project...and I can't encourage you enough to consider adoption and fostering with your local rescue group or shelter. Thanks @HWAC for being the cool organization that you are and letting me share Petunia's puppies.

Puppy-a-Day Project: Breakfast of Champions!

Puppy a Day ..while my female is away

Sleep and eat
Tomorrow is the big day! These puppies have been champs at teaching my female of lesson and hopefully sharing with you the joy in store for a foster family. @HWAC will set you up for success when you volunteer with them...just like Petunia is with her puppy posse here.