Dog Tricks Sunday: Useful tricks performed by Jesse
New Dog Walkers Appreciation Day!

Don't Tease Me Bro

I'm a good dog. I'm an older dog, with aging hips. I'm also a big dog. I weigh more than you do little girl. Do you know what you're doing with my sheep?


Even the best behaved dogs, like me, can hurt you accidentally. It would make me very sad to knock over my little friend in pink, or worse. Because I love you, here are my tips on how to play with dogs:
  • Don't hold my toy so high that I might knock you over on my way down, after grabbing the toy
  • Remember all dogs have nails - and big dogs have big nails
  • Choose a space with lots of room to play, not a spot crowded between a chair, a lamp and sliding glass doors
  • Give me room to chase the toy if you decide to toss it, don't assume I can navigate furniture in my excitement to retrieve my sheep
  • Toss my toy, don't just hold it high above my head and tease me with it. I will take it from you.
  • I love you. I bring you gifts out of love when you come through that door. Remember that and let me win the game of fetch easily sometimes. I promise to pretend that you made me work for it.
  • When strangers visit, like these nice kids, please show them how to play with me. I want them to like playing with me and not be afraid.

Please share this with all your dog friends and anyone with young kids. Love, Cleo.