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Pet Obesity - How I Keep My Trim Figure

Obesity in pets is a real problem. Often when a mom brings home a new baby, the pet gets fat according to this New Baby Means Fat Pet story on Petside.com. This city dog (me!) had a few months there (okay, six) where I was on the heavy side (ten extra LBs), but fortunately I responded quickly to a change in diet and exercise.

How did I do it? 


My life here in San Francisco is an open book, and I love to share my canine perspective so here are my best tips on keeping a trim canine figure:
  • Don't let the food box trick you into nibbling 
  • Even when it rains, get out for a walk
  • Don't be embarrassed to take breathers along the way. I sometimes pretend to pick up the news at a telephone pole when really I am taking a mini-rest
  • Consider doing product reviews so that you get cool water bottles or portable water bowls to take along on your walks
  • Try not to sit at the chef's table (aka the kitchen counter) too often
  • Don't shy away from stairs or steep hills, you can take them slowly but the view from the top or the success of reaching the bottom will be worth it!!

Share your tips in the comments! I love to read what your ideas too!